Business Process

Goal Plan Templates – Automating the Coaching Process For Business Coaches and Life Coaches

You are a business coach, life coach or manager of a team and have created a unique and powerful process that you regularly implement with your clients or team members internally. This process may take the form of a coaching training programs, group coaching, one-on-one coaching,  a standard rollout of your services or even be […]

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Business coaching firm uses Coach Simple to automate their coaching process

Coach Simple Case Study A leading business coaching firm for commercial real estate brokers selected LifeSpace Pro / as the platform to automate their coaching practice. The goal of the project was to turn their advanced coaching system into an intuitive, online platform where coaching clients could stay accountable to their commitments and communicate […]

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Coach Simple Screen Shot

Coach Simple Coaching Platform Powered by LifeSpace Pro is a business coaching and life coaching software program designed to help coaches organize their clients and track accountability.  Powered by LifeSpace Pro, the Coach Simple platform includes an easy to use business portal, customizable goal plan templates to automate the coaching process, client profiles, goal tracking, worksheets, numbers and metrics, follow-up action items and […]

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Physical Therapy Software for Patient Exercises

My Treatment Exercises is Physical Therapy Software that helps PTs to track patient exercises, notes and history during the patient rehabilitation process.  Powered on the LifeSpace platform, My Treatment Exercises helps Physical Therapists to create standard protocols and custom exercises for their patients.  A history of each exercise is tracked and PTs and Physical Therapy […]

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Workout Challenges

7 inspiring and motivational workout challenges for the fall

With summer behind us and fall fast approaching, it is time to get your fall fitness program underway.    But unfortunately, getting yourself to the gym or trying to self-motivate is more difficult than we would like to admit. So instead of the usual, why not check out the LifeSpace Fitness Challenge page and pick a workout […]

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Healthy Lifestyle

A blueprint for a healthy lifestyle – healthcare redefined

People who know me know that I strive to be as active and healthy as I can be.  Over the past few years, I have been offering to engage and inspire others to take positive action and increase accountability for their own health, wellness and success in life.  Along this journey and through interaction […]

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LifeSpace Pro

LifeSpace Pro – Client Engagement Platform: ChallengePro, ClientPro, TeamPro has just launched a new professional platform called LifeSpace Pro which is designed as a client engagement platform for wellness professionals, coaches and advisors to challenge their networks, inspire their clients and engage their teams.  The LifeSpace Pro platform includes 4 levels: Challenge Free – Host a fitness, nutrition, wellness or personal productivity challenge, invite […]

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How to Get Anything You Want in Seven Easy Steps

Great news!  I have just completed the first of four free training videos on how to achieve your goals and how to get anything you want in 7 easy steps.  In this free training series, I will walk you through the 7 steps to success.  You will learn how to dream big, set goals, track […]

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Three Reasons Why People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

Most people never experience the power of possibility. Many will go to their grave sooner than they expect and with a half a tank of gas unused.  Will you??? Will you live an unrealized life?  One that never really reaches the true potential? So often I encounter people who will never execute on their top […]

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Launching LifeSpace 2.0 to Help Turn Your Goals Into Success!

Hey Everyone, Greg here again! This is an exciting time for me.  Last week I told you all about my story and how I used the formula of Dream. Set. Track. Share. Achieve to turn my personal and professional life around and why I created; so you can create the same transformation in your […]

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